Video Games of the 90s: Star fox

Star Fox is a classic video game from the 90s that I absolutely loved playing as a kid. The game follows a group of anthropomorphic animals, led by Fox McCloud, on a mission to save the Lylat system from the evil Andross.

One of the things I loved about Star Fox was the gameplay. The game used a 3D perspective, which was a major breakthrough for video games at the time. I particularly enjoyed the game's aerial combat sequences, where I got to pilot my Arwing fighter through a variety of obstacles and enemies. The game also had some unique features like the ability to enter secret areas and multiple pathways through the levels that made each playthrough feel different.

Another thing I loved about the game was the characters. Fox McCloud and his crew were each unique and interesting in their own way, and I found myself rooting for them throughout the game. The dialogue between the characters was also well-written and added to the game's overall charm.

However, there were some things about Star Fox that I didn't quite understand. The story, for instance, was a bit confusing to me as a kid. I couldn't quite grasp the politics of the Lylat system or the motivations of some of the characters. But I still loved playing the game, and the confusion didn't take away from my enjoyment of it.

As for the cons, the game's difficulty level could be frustrating at times. Some of the later levels required a lot of precision and skill, and I often found myself dying over and over again. Additionally, the game's graphics and sound effects haven't aged particularly well, and the dialogue can be cheesy at times.

Overall, I loved Star Fox and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a classic 90s video game experience. The aerial combat and unique characters were major selling points for me, and even the confusing story didn't take away from my enjoyment of the game. The cons like the difficulty level and outdated graphics don't detract from the overall gameplay and fun experience.

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