Video Games of the 90s: Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a classic video game that defined the fighting game genre in the 90s. As a child, I spent countless hours playing Mortal Kombat with my friends and family, and I have a lot of memories associated with this game. In this blog post, I'll share what I loved, hated, and the pros and cons of Mortal Kombat.

What I loved:

One of the things I loved about Mortal Kombat was the characters. Each character had their own unique fighting style and special moves. I remember spending a lot of time mastering the fatalities, which were the gruesome finishing moves that each character had. The game had an element of mystery as well because not all of the fatalities were known, and it was always exciting to discover a new one.

I also loved the sound effects and music of the game. The sound of the punches and kicks, the announcer's voice, and the iconic "Finish Him!" still give me chills to this day. The music was also memorable, and it added to the atmosphere of the game.

What I hated:

One thing that I hated about Mortal Kombat was the difficulty level. The game was challenging, and some of the bosses were almost unbeatable. I remember feeling frustrated when I couldn't beat a particular boss, and it took away from the enjoyment of the game.

I also hated the fact that the game was so violent. While the fatalities were cool, they were also incredibly gory and disturbing. As a kid, I remember feeling uneasy about the violence in the game, and it made me question whether I should be playing it at all.


Mortal Kombat had several pros that made it a standout game. The characters were well-designed and had a lot of personality. The game had a unique and gritty aesthetic that set it apart from other fighting games. The game's controls were responsive, and the gameplay was smooth, which made it enjoyable to play.


The game's difficulty level was one of its cons. The game was designed to be challenging, but at times it felt unfair. The violence in the game was also a con, as it made the game unsuitable for younger players.

In conclusion, Mortal Kombat was a groundbreaking game that had a significant impact on the video game industry. While I loved the characters, sound effects, and music, the difficulty level and violence were aspects that I didn't enjoy as much. However, the pros of the game outweighed the cons, and Mortal Kombat will always have a special place in my heart as one of the best games of the 90s.

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