Iconic Millennial Toys - Part Two

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Some of the fondest memories of children from the '80s and '90s come from the iconic toys of that era. These toys were unique, interactive, and sometimes even dangerous. In this article, we'll be discussing four more toys that bring back memories of childhood.


Relive the nostalgia with POGs! This classic game dates back to the "Milk Caps" game of the 1930s, which was based on the Japanese game "Menko." The history of POGs is tied to a brand of juice made from passionfruit, orange, and guava in Maui, Hawaii, which created collectible bottle caps used to play the game. In the 1990s, a math teacher used POGs to teach, sparking its popularity across California and the rest of America. Banks and McDonald's even got in on the action, handing out POGs to fans. The game is simple: stack the POGs in a tower and throw a "slammer" at the stack. Any POG that lands face up goes to the player who threw the turn. Some people played for keeps, risking losing all their POGs, but many people simply collected POGs without playing the game, similar to Pokemon cards. If you're a fan of POGs, don't miss out on the Indiegogo campaign to create a mobile game version of this classic hit!

EasyBake Oven

The EasyBake Oven, introduced in 1963 by Kenner Products, is designed to resemble a real oven. Initially, the oven was heated by two incandescent light bulbs, but later models used traditional heating methods. In 1993, Kenner Products became a part of Hasbro and with Hasbro's popularity and advertising, the EasyBake Oven became a household staple in the 1990s. Although it was predominantly favored by girls, everyone loved the end results. Using the EasyBake Oven was a breeze. Simply add water and wait for your perfectly edible cookies, cakes, and brownies to transform into moderate perfection. Most models even came with icing to top off your creations. In 2006, the EasyBake Oven was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, and the new and improved version, the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven, is available on Amazon and in stores.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids were a line of dolls created by Xavier Roberts. The dolls varied in style, from soft and poseable to porcelain. Over the years, the rights to these dolls have changed hands multiple times, but they are currently under the ownership of Wicked Cool Toys. One of the most memorable versions was the Snack Time doll, which could be fed different "foods" and then "eat" them. Unfortunately, this version was recalled in 1997 because it had a tendency to eat girls' hair. You can now order Cabbage Patch Kids (ones that won't pose a threat to your hair) along with different outfits from the website.


Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with the oh-so-cool Tamagotchi! This virtual pet sensation, invented by Aki Maita and dropped by Bandai in 1996, was the ultimate accessory to keep on your keychain or bookbag. The name "Tamagotchi" is a funky combination of the Japanese words for "egg" and "watch," and it was all the rage in the 90s. With this little guy, you could feed, walk, and play games with your virtual pet, but don't forget to clean up after it and scold it when it misbehaves. And if it got sick, it was up to you to nurse it back to health. Some parents even used the Tamagotchi to teach their teens about responsibility. The Tamagotchi craze led to the rise of websites like Neopets and mobile apps. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Bandai has brought back the Tamagotchi in new and improved styles that are available for purchase on Amazon and other toy retailers. Get ready to relive the glory days with the Tamagotchi!

That concludes our list of iconic millennial toys. If you still don't see your favorite 90's toy, leave a comment below!

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